So Takei “The King of Beasts”, assumes Tabinka’s CEO position!

“Co-explorers” of the earth in 196 countries around the globe invited to accelerate Tabinaka’s international expansion

Tabinaka(Fun Group) Inc. (HQ: Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan; CEO and President: Kenji Miki), operating the “Tabinaka” business, a startup company providing a platform for tours and experiences, hereby announces that it has appointed So Takei, “The King of Beasts” as its CEO (Chief Earth Pioneering Officer).

Tabinaka(Fun Group)’s vision is to “Make travel more fun”. There are still so many places to travel and explore such as nature/wildlife, exotic foods and cultures from around the world. However, only a small fraction is currently accessible to travellers.

So Takei makes a call for people from 196 countries from all over the world, to come together and find these undiscovered wonders of the world. He wants to create new tours and experiences for everyone.

Co-explorers of the earth wanted

Tabinaka(Fun Group) has thus far set up subsidiaries in 7 cities worldwide to provide tour services. To further expand this movement to more cities in the world, we invite co-explores, especially business owners in various countries and bloggers who are passionate about travel.

The special site below receives your entry:

Statement by So Takei

The earth is still full of fantastic places that we haven’t yet explored; even if we lived for 100 years there are places that we might no be able to find. I hope to have co-explorers who will pursue the journey of finding new places and share the wonders of the world with everyone.

Profile of So Takei

Being a former decathlon champion in Japan, he has experienced a variety of sports including martial arts, baseball, golf, etc. He has won a gold medal in the 4 X 100m relay at the World Masters Athletics Championships held in Malaga. On a TV program called “Simulation”, he has fought all kinds of animals and wild beasts, and he boasts 20,000 wins to date. He is now learning piano and honing his skill in billiards; always wanting to improve and develop. Twitter / Instagram account: @sosotakei

Statement by Kenji Miki, CEO and President of Tabinaka(Fun Group)

Since establishing our company 5 years ago, we have continued to explore the wonders of the world, and it is with great pleasure to welcome So Takei into Tabinaka(Fun Group). I want to accelerate our expansion and develop new travel destinations with Mr. Takei and our co-explorers from around the world.

Profile of Kenji Miki, CEO and President of Tabinaka

After graduating from high school, Kenji visited the United States and discovered the iPhone that had been gaining popularity. He started his own business at the age of 19 and acted as an agent selling iPhones to Softbank in Japan. Seeking to build a new and more global business, he visited Thailand where he lost all his possessions after a street robbery. He was in Phuket when he started to guide Japanese tourists which led to the idea of Tabinaka, eventually leading to the formation of the company of the same name in 2014. He enjoys going on Cessna airplanes, helicopters and submarines that allow him take in nature from a different perspective.

About Tabinaka

Our company is involved in the development, production and the sale of tours and experiences, catering for sightseeing activities around “Tabinaka” (Japanese term for “during your trip”), with the vision of “Making travel more fun” with 7 overseas subsidiaries (Tokyo, Bali, Bangkok, Taipei, Cebu, Hawaii and mainland U.S).

Company overview

  • Company name: Tabinaka Inc. (Fun Group inc.)
  • Location: 5-19-10 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, WILL HAGIYA BUILDING 3F 4F, 150-0012
  • Established: January 2014
  • Representative Director: Kenji Miki
  • Website:
  • Registration number: Tokyo Governor's Registered Travel Agency No. 3-7596 Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) Regular Members

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