Tabinaka(Fun Group) acquires “Justavi” a subsidiary of H.I.S

Tabinaka(Fun Group) Inc. (HQ: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO and President: Kenji Miki, hereafter “Tabinaka”) which manages a tour and experiences platform, “Tabinaka”, acquired all the outstanding stock of Justavi Co., Ltd. (HQ: Shibuya-ku Tokyo, CEO and President: Itaru Sando, hereafter “Justavi”) , a subsidiary of H.I.S Co., Ltd., and made it a wholly-owned subsidiary as of 10th May 2019.

Justavi manages a platform that matches visitors to Japan and local drivers in the Okinawa and Hokkaido regions, getting attention as a new form of MaaS service, increasing mobility through the use of rental cars.

As Tabinaka(Fun Group) welcomes Justavi to Tabinaka group(Fun Group), it will further develop its business in the Okinawa and Hokkaido regions for travellers visiting Japan. By leveraging existing platforms and past experience, we aim to expand and enhance our capabilities.

Statement by Itaru Sando, CEO and President of Justavi

Justavi was started to provide a mobility-enhancing service to remove the anxieties of driving and increase the experience tourists have in their holiday destinations. I am honored that Justavi is to be welcomed by Tabinaka, a group that is working towards creating special and unique moments. The industry continues to change with a more diverse range of domestic travellers, and ever increasing number of travellers from abroad. I want to remove the pain points that arise during their travel experience, and I want to do this by unlocking the value that is stored in the local communities. Under this mission statement, we will contribute to the creation of new experiences for tourists worldwide.

Statement by Shu Konno, COO of Tabinaka(Fun Group)

Jastavi has led the way as a provider of MaaS services - more than 70% of its users are travellers from outside of Japan. And as we continue to see an increase in international travellers on a yearly basis, the accident rate for rental cars remains high averaging 5%. Indeed, Justavi was founded to solve this specific problem of driving in unfamiliar holiday destinations.

Tabinaka(Fun Group)’s mission statement is “simplify ways to access sightseeing resources worldwide”. There are numerous hurdles that exist in unknown travel destinations such as language, information and transportation - the inception of Justavi and its product focus was to tackle these problems head on. With Justavi joining the Tabinka group, we want to continue and accelerate building a platform that allows for hassle free and safer ways of travel.

About Tabinaka

Tabinaka (Japanese term for “during your trip”) is involved in the development, production and sale of tours and experiences worldwide. With its vision, “Making travel more fun”, it has 7 international branches (Tokyo, Bali, Bangkok, Hawaii, Taipei, Cebu, mainland U.S) to further build and enhance its operations.

Itaru Sando, CEO and President of Justavi Co., Ltd. & Director of domestic businesses

Itaru studied at Waseda University, and joined a Japanese consulting firm where he gained experience in M&A, corporate reorganisations, and business development. He established Justavi Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary of H.I.S in 2016.

Kohei Chikamori, Executive officer & Senior manager of corporate strategy

Kohei graduated from Kyoto University and joined Boston Consulting Group where he gained experience in M&A, new business development and international business growth. He joined Tabinaka(Fun Group) as he was strongly moved by the company’s vision and its growth potential overseas.

Makoto Shimizu, HR / PR

Makoto founded “tavitavi Inc.”, that manages “-tavitavi-” a website for tourists from Taiwan and Hong Kong visiting Japan. Successfully raises large scale financing and sells the business in November 2016. He joins Tabinaka(Fun Group) after being moved by the mission statement of the company and its passionate members.

Ryota Fujitani, Manager of marketing (with “travel supervisor” qualification)

Whilst a student at Kobe University, Ryota goes on a journey around the Japanese archipelago with little money in hand, and documents his experience in a book which he eventually self publishes. After graduation, he joins J-Trip Co., Ltd and is involved in establishing a tech focused subsidiary, where he led marketing and new business development. He joins Tabinaka(Fun Group) wanting to support and be involved in the growth of the travel space.

Overview of Tabinaka(Fun Group)

  • Company name: Fun Group Inc.
  • Location: 5-19-10 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, WILL HAGIYA BUILDING 3F 4F, 150-0012
  • Established: January 2014
  • Representative Director: Kenji Miki
  • Website:
  • Registration number: Tokyo Governor's Registered Travel Agency No. 3-7596 Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) Regular Members

Overview of Justavi

  • Company name: Justavi Co. Ltd.
  • Location: 5-19-10 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, WILL HAGIYA BUILDING 3F 4F, 150-0012
  • Established: April 2016
  • CEO and President: Itaru Sando
  • Website:

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