Fun Group inc launches official website “Fun” as part of its new Activity brand

Maximising the value of the traveller experience by handling reservations to on the ground tour operations

Fun Group inc (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kenji Miki), which operates local tours and experiences in 7 countries around the world, has launched the official website of its new activity brand "Fun".

Fun Group has subsidiaries in 7 countries around the world and conducts operations related to tours and experiences such as guides and transportation services. Therefore, our strength is that we are able to provide comprehensive support to our customers from reservations to payments down to providing the actual experience.

Since there are no intermediaries, we can immediately collect and analyze the feedback from our customers who participate in our tours and experiences to further enhance our product. In addition, we want to actively engage in developing new product and destination markets.

Our official website is currently in English and Japanese. As of August 2020, we have reservations from people from more than 70 countries around the world, and we will promote multilingual support such as Chinese so that more people can use our service with ease and convenience

Usage image

Step1: In "Top", cities handled by Fun Group are represented like a tourist map. Tap the city name to move to the city page.

Step2: You can see the tours of each city on the city page. Tap the "check" button to go to the tour page.

Step3: You can check the details of the available experiences and the daily schedule on the tour page. Tap the "Book Now" button to proceed with booking.

Official site (English) :
Official site (Japanese):
*Some activities are currently restricted due to the coronavirus.

Fun Group's brand concept

Message from representative

The official website of the new activity brand "Fun" has been released. It was completed In March, but I was made to think deeply about the “way of leisure" due to the coronavirus, and I was searching for the significance of the site release.

How should humanity deal with "leisure" that will increase in the future and the accompanying "loneliness," "emptiness," and "frustration"? We aim to change the valuable time of our customers from "consumption" to "self-fulfillment".

In our tourism industry, we focus on experiences that are premised on coexistence with the natural environment and the local ecosystem, such as the sea and mountains, plants and animals that live in those environments, as well as energy and infrastructure. We will create activities that promote coexistence with humankind from a global perspective.

■Kenji Miki/Mickey
Born in Hyogo prefecture. Started business at the age of 19 and sold the business. Went abroad, hoping to start up a world-class business, but became penniless in Phuket. Established Rising Asia Co., Ltd. (currently Fun Group) in 2014 based on the experience of seeing tourists off there. Selected for Forbes Asia 30 under 30.

Company overview

  • Company name: Fun Group inc.
  • Address: 5-19-10 Hiroo Shibuya-ku, Tokyo WILL HAGIYA BUILDING 3F 4F
  • Established: 30th January 2014
  • Representative Director: Kenji Miki
  • Website:
  • Employees: 80 (including group companies)


Fun Group Inc.
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