Fun Group’s Masahiro Kawamura and Sadayuki Miura appointed as Statutory Auditor and Tax manager respectively

A move to strengthen corporate governance to support the rapid expansion of Fun Group’s overseas business

Fun Group inc (HQ: Shibuya-ward Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Kenji Miki) hereby formally announces the appointment of Masahiro Kawamura and Sadayuki Miura as Statutory Auditor and Tax manager respectively.

Message from Masahiro and Sadayuki

Masahiro Kawamura (Statutory Auditor)
After graduating university, he first joined a company advising management teams of startups. He then went onto experience a recruiting business focused exclusively for the CXO tier, a recruiting business for persons with disabilities, and then started his own company D&I, a people placement and education company for persons with disabilities. As a director, he led all corporate matters including the development of sales, finance, HR, legal, employment, IT systems. He joined Fun Group in August 2018.

“We are a Tours and experiences company with rapidly expanding global business, and we aim to further improve our organisation and operations to ensure we continue our path as a responsible and reliable company. Since joining Fun Group, I have led the establishment of our company structure and integration with our subsidiaries, but now in the position of statutory auditor providing oversight on corporate governance and compliance matters, I want to ensure the trust developed amongst our stakeholders and the way we do business is enhanced and improved as we continue to grow our company”.

Sadayuki Miura (Tax manager)
He has extensive experience leading corporate strategy, finance, IR, M&A, company reorganisations and international tax across public and private companies. In his most recent role, he was at a startup involved in the AI and robotics field, acting as the strategy manager leading M&A, fundraising, business plan development and managing forecasts and budgets. Joined Fun Group in November 2019.

“As a startup expanding overseas, global tax management will become increasingly important. Setting up new overseas subsidiaries, cross border M&A, developing global operations, all involve strategic decisions affected by tax, so therefore, thinking about tax and handling our exposures effectively, as part of our overall strategy, will increase our company value.”

Management Team
CEO/Founder Kenji Miki(Mickey)
COO Shu Konno(Shu)
CFO Tomoaki Soma(Tebow)
VP of Technology Keigo Aoki(Aokky)
VP of Strategy Kohei Chikamori(Kohei)
VP of Business Development Itaru Sando(Santos)
VP of Marketing Ryota Fujitani(Fuji)
Regional CFO for APAC & Americas Yasushi Izumi(Isaac)
International TAX, M&A Manager Sadayuki Miura(Sada)
Auditor Masahiro Kawamura(Austin)
Auditor Kosuke Kataoka(Kei)
About Fun Group Inc.

Fun Group is a Tours and experiences company with the aim of getting people to the world’s most popular tourist attractions easier. We currently have a presence across 7 cities, our service includes the provision of guides and transportation for travellers in multiple languages. As of April 2021, our travellers have come from 70 nationalities.

Company overview

  • Company name: Fun Group Inc.
  • Address: 5-19-10 Hiroo Shibuya-ku, Tokyo WILL HAGIYA BUILDING 3F
  • Established: 30th January 2014
  • Representative Director: Kenji Miki
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